Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sadie's birthday party

This year Sadie said she really wanted a birthday party.  I never really had birthday parties when I was younger...I remember having two I think.  One when I was little, and one when I was 16.  And I was happy about that.  I am not really a party person.  I liked spending time with my family and getting to choose what my mom made for dinner and having cake and ice cream.  Anyway, so i told Sadie she could invite three friends.  Of course, that list grew into seven friends.  ha ha.  It turned out really fun, but I already told Sadie we aren't doing another one for a few least.  :)

 First we made some fun heart necklaces with tons of foam stickers.  They really liked this part I think.

 Next we did a little photo booth with props that I cut out of fun paper.  We set it up outside because it was nice weather and not windy that morning...but by the time the party started it was a bit chilly and windy.  Oh well, I think the pictures turned out great!

 There were so many kids that it was hard to keep everyone's interest on one activity.  These girls loved this part while the boys and a few other girls didn't.  Which is a shame.  I wish I had been able to get more funny pictures.  This was my favorite part of the party.

 Somehow, Rob ended up taking all the pictures...I was going to, but I had to run inside and stop Emery from opening all of Sadie's gifts, and then I had to help other kids with things.  But I think Rob did a great job!

 Good friends.

 I love the girl on the end with the mustache and the lips.  ha ha

 Then we went in and played a game with balloons.  The kids had to sit on them until they popped them.  Here they are laughing because Rob is demonstrating how to do it:

Ha ha.  Pretty funny.  We ended up not using the chairs because it made it really loud when the balloon popped, and we ended up having to bring out the toothpicks because these kids were just not heavy enough to pop them by sitting on them.  It was pretty funny.  

I didn't get many more pictures, but we decorated cupcakes and opened presents and played bingo before the party was over.  I think the kids had fun, but Rob and I were so tired when it was over!  Happy birthday Sadie!

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