Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Picking Dad up from work

Every Monday and Tuesday and every other Friday we have to give Rob a ride to work.  I drive Sadie and her friend to school those days, so I need the car.  It is not the kids favorite thing to do...Sadie especially doesn't like having to pick him up after school.  It sure will be nice when we can get another car!  But for now it works.  And I'm  so grateful that we can carpool with our friend so we don't have to drive Rob to work EVERY day.  :) 

Anyway, when we pick Rob up from work it is about 4pm. Zac never takes naps anymore, and Emery has started to not nap (since we took her pacifiers away!  boo!) in the past few weeks.  So this is usually what ends up happening:

 Sadie is the only one who always stays awake.  :)

 Closer look...you can't really see it, but he was totally drooling.  

 How can she sleep in that position??!

And this was just yesterday.  It is really hard when they fall asleep because they are SO grouchy when we wake them up when we get home.  Still trying to figure out how to keep them from falling asleep.  Because even a 15 minute nap in the car will keep them up for 2 hours at bedtime!

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Carrie Selin said...

BOO! Hope you can figure something out. They are really cute though.