Thursday, March 27, 2014


 It seems i have way too many posts on my blog about us being sick.  But that is life.  My kids never just get a runny nose or a little cold.  Their coughs are always accompanied by a high fever for a few days, low energy and most of the time they throw up.  Weird.  It seems like they should have built up immunities to this virus or whatever it is by now.  Oh well.  Sometimes it is nice to have some slow days and turn movies on and lounge around. 

While we went to church on Sunday, Luke and Taylor were so nice and stayed at home with our kids.  Both Rob and I had to teach that day so we were so grateful they could do this for us.  When we got home from church, this is what we found. 

Zac cuddled up with Luke, asleep in his lap.

 And Emery asleep on Taylor's shoulder.  So precious.

 This is what Emery looked like most of the week last week.  Fortunately, she has her energy back now.  

 She made herself a bed in the oddest places.  This is on the floor in my room.  She always had her water bottle with her too.

 Of course the sickness spread.  This is Sadie.  She liked to lay on the tile after she ate lunch or breakfast because she didn't have the energy to walk the five steps to the carpet.  ha ha.

 Zac got it too.  He spent a lot of time on the couch as well. 

 Another sleeping Emery.

Here is Sadie trying to get her fever down.  Poor girl.

The good news is that (knock on wood) they all seem to be better now.  Hooray!  Just in time for the rainy  ha ha.  The weather was so nice when they were all sick.  Oh well, it will be back soon i'm sure.

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