Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy birthday Grandpa Kevan!

Rob's family came down to Utah to visit during their spring break.  It was a fun time.  We love having people over!  The kids love all of the extra attention too.  :)  Rob's dad was here on his birthday (last monday) and he was nice and took everyone out for dinner at Golden Corral.  My kids love buffets because they get to choose lots of different things to try.  We had a great time and we hope grandpa had a great birthday!

 Emery wanted some ice cream from the dessert table, but she decided on this fluffy pink cotton candy instead.  She was a little weirded out at first because it was kinda hairy...but uncle Alan showed her how to eat it and then she dug right in!


 Here is the whole group!  Yay!

 Happy kids eating their desserts.  Zac got ice cream and Sadie also chose the cotton candy.

The kids really enjoy having their grandparents here.  Here the kids are cuddling up to him as he reads them a story.  

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