Saturday, March 15, 2014

Smoothies and popsicles

 Every once in a while, I decide I want to make a smoothie for myself for breakfast.  The kids don't really like them, and Rob will drink a little bit sometimes, but mostly they are just for me.  You would think by now that I could have mastered the art of making just enough smoothie for one person.  Nope.  I always add the fruit and look at it and think "that's not enough" so I add a few more blueberries and peaches and maybe a little more banana.  Then I blend it all together and somehow it multiplies into a smoothie for 5!  Ha ha.  Every time.  So recently, I came across a popsicle mold I bought a long time ago and decided to pour the leftover smoothie into that.  Score!  The kids loved them!

Don't ask me why they won't drink fresh smoothie, but they will eat it when it is frozen to a wooden stick.  ha ha.  Oh well.  It works.  Last week we had some beautiful weather and we were able to go outside and enjoy a yummy smoothie popsicle. 

 Emery was very good at taking bites.

 This is just cute...her hair is ALWAYS in her face.  She refuses to let me do it in the mornings...and sometimes it is a battle I just don't want to fight.  :)  SO When her hair gets in her eyes I tell her I can't see her...

 This is her solution.  Ha ha.  Look at that cute face!

 Showing me her technique.  Pretty good.

Many more smoothie popsicles to come as the weather heats up I'm sure!

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