Sunday, March 30, 2014

Living Room sleepover

 A few weeks ago I walked out and looked at my calendar and saw Rob's handwriting on it.  This usually doesn't happen.  So I looked a little closer to see what it said: (look at the 21st)

 Living room sleepover.  At first I thought it was a Young Men's activity or something so I was a little worried about it.  But Rob told me it was Sadie's idea.  So I said it sounded fun!

 Luke and Taylor happened to be over at our house that evening because earlier that day, they took Sadie and Zac to the brand new aquarium.  They won free tickets to a preview of the aquarium (which they said was not even finished yet) before it opened to the public.  The kids had a blast of course. You can see Taylor's blog post about it here.  So glad she took some pictures since I wasn't there to see it.  :) So Luke climbed into the "tent" for a while and played with the kids.

 They had fun.  We actually just used our kitchen table with blankets over it for the tent.  :)

 Then we finally started the movie.  Wreck it Ralph.  It was a cute movie.  We had never seen it before.  The kids each got a few snacks and some popcorn to eat while watching the movie.

 Emery didn't last the whole movie.  I put her to bed about half way through I think.  But these two just sat still through the entire thing.

 Rob even slept out there with them the whole night.  I don't think he actually slept much though...

This is what I found in the morning.  I think they had fun...although it probably wasn't our best idea to let the kids stay up three hours past their bedtime when they were sick.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty rough on them.  But it was a fun activity and we will probably do it again soon!