Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Around the house

Here are some moments that I don't want to forget:

 Sadie is such a good big sister.  I've started letting her read a book to Emery at night when I have to run off to a meeting.  She loves it and so does Emery.  

 The kids discovered this trick, which is rather difficult in our hallway since it is so wide.  But they figured out a way.  :)

 One day Riley wanted to put on Zac's vest before church.  So Handsome!

 Here is Riley with her blanket around her neck and sucking on her toe.  ha ha!

 Doughnuts in the backyard.  

 Zac loves games and is constantly asking to play a game with me. I think this is one of his favorite games.

 A little rainbow on a sunny day.

 Zac got this mask at a birthday party and wore it around for days afterward.  I just thought it was funny.

 Some crazy bed head.

 These rascals got in the pool with their clothes one.  So I let them strip down to undies and have a grand old time!

One day after dinner both Rob and I were occupied and Riley took advantage of the opportunity and ate the centers of the rest of the french bread.  Sneaky girl!

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Carrie Selin said...

Whoa! Spider walking the hall. Watch out!