Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wheeler Farm with friends

 We went to Wheeler farm a month or so ago with some friends.  The kids had a lot of fun, especially because they had friends there.  :)  Here are some pictures from the trip.

 Laurel was a genius and brought some bread to feed the crazy ducks there.  I think that was the kids favorite part.

 This turkey was pretty cool.  He had his feathers all up and everything.  

 Looking at the geese from a distance.  We were scared the geese would bite the kids. 

 Ella and Emery are six months apart in age and are the best of friends!

 Climbing on a tractor.

 Zac requested this picture.  Ha ha.  These two are good buddies.

Talking to the chickens.

On our way to the playground, Riley was looking so cute running along so I decided to take a picture.  When she saw me with the camera out, she stopped, smiled, and then went on her way.  So funny!