Monday, July 4, 2016

Fun with William

 We had been having fun having William at our house this summer.  We signed up for a summer movie thing where we get to watch a movie at the theater every Thursday and it was just 50 cents per movie!  It has been fun because we haven't seen most of the movies they are playing (we are cheap!) so the kids have loved it.  And we have had William with us each week too.  It has been fun.  William is a riot at the theater!  He laughs and dances at all the right times.  ha ha. 
 We also like to pull out the slip and slide when he is here.  He is crazy on that thing!  I love it. 

 Look at him in this picture.  He is always falling and sliding around.  But this picture makes me laugh.  He is upside down on our little ramp thing.  HA! And Sadie looks pretty sweet too.

 Having fun.

 Here we are at the theater.  The seats are so comfy!  They are like your own recliner that you can put the feet up and relax. It's great.

 So William was having an epic meltdown.  He was crying and crying and on the floor.  So I picked him up because I wanted to get a picture of him crying, but when I pulled out my phone, he immediately stopped crying and smiled for the picture!  ha ha.  Silly boy.

These two go through phases during the day of playing nicely and stealing each others toys.

For your viewing pleasure:

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