Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dinosaur Museum with friends

 We went to the dinosaur museum with some friends last week.  The kids were so excited because we used to have a pass that let us go whenever we wanted, but we didn't renew it and so it had been over a year since we have been there.  It was awesome as usual. 

 This lizard guy was out making friends with Ella and Emery.  He was tapping the glass with his face. 

 Riley loved the water/sand pit.  All the kids did, but I only took a picture of Riley.  

 All the kids (minus the youngest two) at the scary shark.  There was a worker there showing the kids teeth from different animals.  Zac and Sadie got really into finding which animal went with each tooth.  

 THen we got ice cream.  IT was so hot outside that it melted really quick.  So I helped keep the drips from actually dripping off the cone.  :)


 Riley loved her very own little cone.  She finished that thing off in no time.  

Then Sadie wanted me to make a video of her doing a pull up on this tree. 

Thanks Laurel and Fam for letting us tag along with you!


Carrie Selin said...

That first picture makes it look like Sadie is getting tall!

Laurel and Doug said...

So much fun! We love hanging out with you guys.