Monday, January 27, 2014


 I love to let my kids make things and be creative but sometimes I stop and look around during a project and think, "what have I gotten myself into?!?"  Ha ha.  Sometimes it is worth it to clean up a huge mess just to let the kids have fun and get messy.  And create something in the process.  I think it is so important to let kids be creative with art projects and to learn about that kind of thing. 

On this particular day, we were decorating some hearts for Valentine's day decorations.  I got out the confetti, markers, glitter, glue, etc.  The of course had a great time.  And I discovered that if I pull the vacuum out for clean up, they love helping.  :) 

 This is sometime near the beginning.  Not too messy yet.  But Sadie and Zac spent about an hour making their hearts.  And I love them!

 Emery loves helping me with the glitter. But every time I look away for more than 2 seconds I look back and find this.  

 Or this.  And her hair was getting in her eyes and driving her crazy so I finally put it up for her.  By then she had tons of glitter in it from wiping it away from her eyes.  Ha ha.  We found glitter in the bathtub for days.

 But she was also very helpful at sprinkling the glitter onto the actual hearts.

So cute.


lindsy said...

Such a good idea to do the glitter in a pan!

Carrie Selin said...

Yes, your kids love crafts and you have a lot of patience!