Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Canal Fun

In our neighborhood there is a nice paved path near the canal.  We love to go for walks there.  We used to just stop there for a few minutes and throw sticks in it on our way to the park, but since Riley came along we have just been walking there and spending a good long time playing there.  It is only a ten minute walk or so (maybe less) from our house, so we are close enough to home if Riley gets hungry.  Plus, it is so nice because it is surrounded by huge trees so the path is always shady.  So it has been our go to activity this summer.  The kids love it and so do I since it is in the shade. 

The kids like to try to climb the trees, swing on the hanging branches, but mostly they like to throw sticks and leaves into the water and watch them float down.  Sometimes there are ducks that swim right up to us expecting bread or something.  It is pretty fun. 

This cracked me up the other day.  I looked behind me to make sure Zac was still coming and this is what I saw.  He found a little branch that had fallen off of a tree and was trying to carry it with him while he rode his bike.  He is so funny!

The kids recently discovered that these trees have big nails hammered into them.  I'm sure someone who lives close by put those in so their kids could climb the trees.  I don't let them go too high since I can't really help them down with a baby strapped to me chest.  But they have fun climbing this high and jumping down.

The bridge is a favorite place too.  They usually throw things into the water on one side, then run to the other side to see them float by.

Here are Sadie and Zac jumping off of the trees.

Sadie wanted to do it again.  Look at that form!

Cute Emery trying to swing on the branches like her older siblings.  

Zac could do this all day I think.  He is always the first one throwing things in the water and the last one to leave.  :)

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