Monday, August 25, 2014

Duncan's birthday

We had a little get together for Duncan a few days after his birthday. We were glad that everyone close by could come...but we were sad that his mom just missed the party!  She was here from Tuesday to Saturday, but she left that morning.  Oh well. We still had fun. 

 We were so happy to see our adorable nephew William again.  Emery took at turn holding him this time and did a great job. 

 Here is the birthday boy showing off his new Kindle Fire...a gift he got for his birthday.  Pretty sweet!

 Aunt Crys played legos with the kids.  They love the extra attention when aunts and uncles are here!

 Luke and Taylor.  And bunny ears.  Real mature Luke...ha ha just kidding!

 Rob took a turn holding William.  He was doing some kung fu moves while holding him...put him right to sleep.  Cute.

 Here are the cousins taking a (short lived) nap together.  The almost lasted all the way through dinner.  

 Here is Riley hanging out with Aunt Crys.  Our kids are so lucky to have so many awesome aunts and uncles!

 And of course...what is a birthday party without blowing out candles?!  I think he blew them all out in one breath even.  Happy birthday Duncan! 

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