Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cousin William

 Yesterday we drove down to Provo to meet our new nephew William.  I was so excited to meet him because Rob got to drive down and see him in the hospital without me right after he was born.  He was born exactly two weeks after Riley was and he was exactly three pounds lighter than she was.  :)  He is such a cutie!  I wish I could have held him longer, but Riley was getting fussy so I had to hold her.  I guess we will just have to go down and visit again soon so I can hold him more.  

 Here is a picture of the two cousins who are two weeks apart!  

 Ha!  I just think this is so funny!  Riley is so big!  And they both are adorable!  I can't get enough of these babies!

 Zac is our baby holder.  He likes to hold Riley the most out of all of our kids and he will hold her for a long time.  Here he is holding little William.

 I love this picture.  These guys are good buddies!  


Thank you for letting us come visit Luke and Taylor!  We can't wait to see you guys again!

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Shanna Selin said...

Haha! Riley is huge! So funny!