Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 The other day the kids were out back and Rob and I were inside with Riley.  We heard the water get turned on outside so I told Rob to go check it out.  He said the kids are just watering the garden...and I told him, I bet they are just making a mud puddle to play in.  He agreed with me but we decided we would let them play in the mud for a bit.  I sent Rob back out a few minutes later to tell them to turn the water off.  Then I heard him say "You can play in the mud with your hands and feet".  Then he came in.  When it was time for the kids to come in, I was kind of dreading going outside to see how dirty they were.  Boy...I never expected it to be this bad!

 They pretty much made a pool of mud and were jumping and laying in it.  Zac and Emery had taken their pants off because they were so dirty.  ha ha.

 So they all got hosed off by Rob before they could come in.  There was piles of sand in their hair. Yuck.

 Emery waiting her turn to get cleaned up.

I told them no more mud for a while.  ha ha. 

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