Monday, August 4, 2014

Grandma Selin

Grandma Selin came when Riley was born to help out with...well...everything.  She stayed for two weeks and was such a big help!  She would burp the baby after I fed her, put her to sleep, if I needed her in the middle of the night she would come upstairs and take the baby so I could sleep, she cleaned, she took the other kids out etc...

Then on Saturday we had to let her go back home.  She had been gone for about a month since she went to New york and Connecticut the two weeks before she came here.  I always have a little bit of a panic when she leaves because I don't know how I will be able to do it without her.  Now it has been two days (almost) and we have survived.  So that is a good thing.  ha ha.  

 Miss Riley loved her of course.  

 Grandma and all the kids.  

 Silly picture.  

 Then Grandma took our first family photo.  I should have done my hair first...oh well.  ha ha

 This is a picture of Riley at two weeks and two days old.  That is a size 6 month outfit.  Fits her pretty well huh?  The pants were just a bit too long.  :)  Time to put all the newborn and size three month clothes away.  

Grandma was such a good sport...she had to squeeze in between the two kids carseats in the back of our van whenever we went somewhere together.  I sat back there the other day and it is NOT comfortable.  ha ha.  

We miss you already Grandma!  Can't wait till you come back!

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Yay for Grand Babes!! Janet