Monday, August 18, 2014

Pictures from the hospital

 Here are some pictures that I took on my ipad while we were at the hospital that I love. 

 Here she is right after birth.  Well, this was probably about an hour after she was born.  She had finished nursing and immediately found her thumb and sucked on it for a good twenty minutes.  So adorable!  This picture shows all of her cute rolls and chubby cheeks. 

 Here is Rob holding her right after her bath.  The nurse used Elmers glue to glue the bow to her hair!  I was so surprised!  

 So cute!

 Hospital Selfie!  I wish we had taken more pictures at the hospital.  This is the only picture of both Riley and me at the hospital!  Oh well.  

Rob had to try out the hospital bed while I was taking a shower.  

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