Sunday, August 10, 2014

Water baloons

 A couple weeks ago, I was at Target with the kids and decided to let them pick something out from the dollar section.  Zac chose water balloons.  He asked ans asked me to fill them up and I kept putting it time I'll remember to not let them get water balloons until they are old enough to fill them up on their own!  ha ha  Anyway, I finally agreed to fill up some of them one afternoon and the kids were really excited.  I filled up about 20 of them...and they were all popped in about 1 minute.  ha!  The funny thing was that not one of them actually popped on Zac or Sadie.  They would throw them at each other and they would just bounce off of them and break on the ground.  It was hilarious!

 Ready for action!

 Even when they were standing this close to each other, they bounced off.  I could not stop laughing!

Then I decided that we should fill some up and ambush Rob when he got home from work.  So I filled up about 15 more and we waited for him to get home. Figures on the day that we are waiting for him he leaves work about 30 minutes late!  But the kids were pretty excited about getting him with balloons that they weren't too impatient.  We put a bucket by the back door with 2 water balloons in it for Rob when he got out (because it didn't seem fair to not give him any ammo!). 

 When he got home I rushed out and told the kids to get ready.  Here they are hiding.

 Rob walked out and I told him he better get his ammo.

 He is ready!

 Then the kids ran around and tried to get him with their balloons.  I don't think they got him...

But it was pretty fun to watch.  Rob ended up just popping his in his hands above their heads to make sure they got wet.  Ha ha.  Fun times!

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