Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of School

Sadie had her first day of school today!  Yes I realize that the year is wrong on the paper she is holding...oh well.  Her first day of being at school all day went well.  There was just one issue at lunch.  Apparently, they have recess before lunch (which I think it weird) and then a teacher goes and gets everybody's lunches from their classroom and bring them to the cafeteria.  Well, Sadie's lunchbox was not there (because hers was IN her backpack, so they didn't see it)...so she had to walk back to her classroom by herself to get her lunch.  She said she got lost and started crying so her old teacher Mrs. Tapia from last year helped her find her classroom and lunch.  

 We can't believe we have a first grader!!

 She is so cute!  I missed her so much today...sigh.  

 We walked to school this morning.  It was fun...although Zac almost got backed over by a car which scared me half to death.  And no...I'm not exaggerating.  I am so thankful that the lady who was backing out was going really slow...Zac had stopped to wait for me to catch upand he was right at the end of someone's driveway.  We had a talk about not stopping behind driveways after I gave him a big hug.  It is still hard for me to think about...it really scared me.

 We found Sadie's class and her friend.

Here they are right before they walked inside.  I almost cried, but I think that was mostly because one of her classmates was sad and crying.  ha ha.

We hope Sadie has a great year of first grade!

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lindsy said...

Those first days are tough! She is so cute. We start next week.