Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas and coming home

 Christmas morning was fun and chaotic.  The kids had a blast looking through their stockings and opening a few gifts.  They each got a boogie board to keep them occupied at church.  They have been working great for the last 2 weeks!  

 Here is grandma and grandpa opening their gifts.  

 Andrew was checking out something...I think it was the little pokemon that Zac got in his stocking.

Then we got to go to church where Rob's mom and dad both gave talks.  They were both great.  I really enjoy hearing the testimonies of my family.   

 We usually snap a picture in front of the church building when we got to La Grande.  I love these pictures so much.

We ate a delicious Christmas dinner and then we packed up and left early in the morning to drive to Utah.  It was an uneventful drive and the kids did great once again. 

When we got home, We had a few more gifts to open. 

 Here we are looking at a fun memory game that my friend Laurel got for our family.  (Thanks Laurel!  We love it!)

Riley got these fun magic clip dolls.  And each of the kids got a new sleeping bag.  We are going to have a movie night this Friday and they will camp out in the living room with their new sleeping bags.  

It was a great trip and we are so grateful for the hospitality of Rob's parents.  Thanks!!! 


Laurel said...

I just got all caught up reading your blog. I love your pictures and hearing about what you've been up to! Your getaway with Rob looked awesome (but you missed your kids after one night?! Maybe I need to plan a getaway to remember what it's like. ha! ha!) and Christmas sounded fun too.

Laurel said...

P.S. Your heart shirt is the one I wore in Paris! Did you tell me about it? Now I can't remember how we ended up with the same shirt.