Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mostly Riley

I'm realizing as I'm going through my pictures that I mostly take pictures of Riley these days.  Ha ha. I mostly use my phone for taking pictures because my other camera is slow and really big, but my phone camera is not working great these days.  It takes forever to focus and the pictures inside are really blurry.  But oh well.  It takes great outside pictures.  :)  So I need to do better at taking more pictures of all of the kids.  It's just that Riley is at such a fun age.  So enjoy this post that has mostly pictures of Riley.

Riley called her crib her "gate". It was so cute.  Then a couple weeks ago she told me that she wanted to take the gate off and she would stay in bed.  We had tried this a few months ago, but she did NOT stay in bed.  This time she actually did stay in bed...for the first week or so.  Now she gets out of bed a few times a night.  But that is just part of being a two year old I think.  ha ha.

Riley loves these princesses that she got for Christmas.  Here she was lining them all up and counting them.  It was adorable.  

And I love this face.  

I walked downstairs to find Riley like this one day.  Talking on the "phone" to grandma.  

Playing with the bean bucket. It made a big mess but it helped keep these kids entertained while it was freezing outside. 

We got to meet Crys and Alan's dog Ponyo.  She is so cute and Riley just followed her around the whole time she was here.  

Riley helped herself to some cereal one day.  I love that she wants to do things on her own, but sometimes it backfires.  I was in the shower I think.  But it did motivate me to clean out the bottom part of my pantry.  he he.

Zac got student of the month!!!  While we were at the assembly, Riley learned how to make the fishy face.  

One of Riley's favorite things to do with her princesses is put the dresses on her toes.  It's pretty cute.

These are my buddies while I go grocery shopping usually.  We took a pictures really quick because Emery noticed that they repainted the outside of our usual store.  These girls are so cute!

Again...she loves her princesses!

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