Sunday, January 1, 2017

Trip to La Grande- continued

 We got to make some magic Christmas potion with grandma and can't wait to hang them on our tree next year.  

 Riley loved Hallie the dog.  She loved her a little too much.  Sometimes Hallie would nip at her but Riley kept going back for more.  

 The kids holding their Christmas potion with Grandpa.

 Rob took Riley to the store and when they got home this is what the cheese looked like.  ha ha.

We played the Oreo game a few times while we were there.  We brought some Oreos and if you wanted to eat one, you needed to put it on your forehead and get it to your mouth without touching it with your hands.  Here are some pictures from that.

 Fun times.  When we got home to Utah, Rob took the time to teach the kids how to do it.  Now Zac and Sadie can do it pretty well.

 The kids went with Grandpa to his therapy one day.  They let them help.  I was at the hotel trying to get Riley to take a nap (which she didn't). 

 Here is Zac helping Grandpa walk in the hardness.

We also played a game with marshmallows.  You had one minute to try to build as many snowmen (3 marshmallows stacked on top of each other) as you could.  It is harder then it sounds!  The kids and adults had a fun time with this one.

 Emery liked the eating part.

 I built this cool pyramid.  I wasn't so good at making the snowmen.

 Then we made fruit loop strings for the tree. This is a picture of Riley working on hers.  Emery spent a good 30 minutes or more on hers.  It was cute watching her.

 Grandpa was teaching Sadie how to knit hats.  It was cute to watch her learn from him.  Also, Emery loved Hallie the dog too.  :)

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