Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ice cream in a bag

 My friend Robyn came over with her kids and brought all of the stuff to make ice cream in a bag!  It was the first time I've done it with my kids and it was a lot of fun.  My hands got so so cold.  I had to put my gloves on...and they were still freezing!  But it was worth it.  That ice cream was delicious!

It started out with 6 kids (mine and hers) then friends started trickling in and we ended up with 11 kids.  ha ha.  It was so loud and crazy, but there was plenty of ice cream to go around. 

 The original six kids...
 Now we are up to 8...

 And now there are 11.  ha ha.  

 Enjoying the fruits of their labors.


 Sadie and her friend Brytin.

It was such a fun activity.  Thanks Robyn.

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