Saturday, January 28, 2017


We have been getting some awesome snow this year so we have taken the kids out sledding a couple times.  They love playing on our little hill that we make when we shovel the driveway, but the love going on an actual hill. 

The hill was pretty steep and really hard to climb up without sliding down.  Emery had a really hard time making it up, but that didn't stop her.  Sometimes it would take her ten minutes to make it to the top because it was so slippery. 

We I think at the end of the day, my fitbit said that I climbed like 50 flights of stairs.  ha ha. It was a great workout!

ANd thanks to the "smart gloves" that Taylor got me, I could take pictures with my phone without taking my gloves off.  It was amazing.  

Riley was having a blast going down the hill.  I would go down with Emery, and then while she was walking to the top of the hill, I would climb half way up and go down with Riley.  Rob decided to take her all the way to the top of the steep hill.  I was a little bit nervous but he assured me that he would keep her safe.  Well, he kept her safe, but the snow was spraying up in her face a ton.  At the bottom her cheeks were caked with snow.  It was pretty hilarious, but she didn't think it was very funny. 

Emery was so determined.  She had such a great time.  All of the kids did.  We may need to invest in some more sturdy sleds.  There were TONS of sleds just like ours that had broken.  And people just left the pieces lying around.  WE tried to pick some of them up, but they were buried in the snow and there were just so so many.  WE each brought some to the garbage.  Then we went home and got warm again.  :)

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