Monday, January 23, 2017

New Years Eve and New years Day

 Finally I'm posting about our New years eve!  Yikes...I need to get back on top of things or else this blog will be way behind!  I've been doing lots of sewing for a friend, but I'm almost done and then I will hopefully get back on track with the blog.  For New Year's Eve, we had Luke and Taylor and William over and also Crys and Alan.  Luke and Taylor were getting ready to move in a week or so after this so we wanted it to be one last big hurrah before they left.  We had the traditional cheese and chocolate fondue and then we played pie face.  It was so fun.  Here are the pictures all out of chronological order, but I'll try to say whats going on in each one underneath it.

 Yum.  The cheese fondue was amazing.  And thank you to Crys and Alan for bringing the steak and chicken to dip and also to Luke and Taylor for bringing the BREAD!  Yum!  We ended up having lots of bread leftover so the next morning I made a french toast casserole that was delicious fi i say so myself...

 Here are the cute kids at the kiddie table.  Sadie has now graduated to the adult table.  :)

 Luke and Taylor stayed the night so they could come to church the next day with us.  I loved watching these two playing together knowing that it would be a long time until they saw each other again.  

 Luke tied these two care bears together and it was so funny how much these two loved it!  They ran around with them tied together for a while.  Dad's have the best ideas!

 Pie face.  I'll try to add some videos at the end.  William tried it once with a wet sponge and Taylor got a video of it.  It was hilarious.  He was done after that.

 The best part of the night!!  Chocolate fondue!!  I couldn't stop eating this. 

 And we realized pretty quickly that we should have waited until after the chocolate to put these two in their jammies.  oh well.

 Full table=happy family.

 I mean look at that cheese!  Yum.  I think we licked the bowl clean.  THere wasn't any left when we were done.

 The spread.

 WE pulled out our new drone for a bit and these two hid under the table.  William was pretty nervous about the whole thing.

 Rob, Luke and Zac all took turns being the pilot.  

 And Taylor protected these two.  ha ha.

And of course we had to throw some pop its!  

It was such a fun holiday.  I'm excited for 2017 and can't wait to see what new things it brings for our family.

PS.  We sure miss Luke, Taylor and William!!!

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