Monday, January 2, 2017

Trip to La Grande- more pictures!

 We did lots of swimming at the hotel.  We went pretty much every day except Sunday.  We mostly stayed in the hot tub because the pool was freezing, but on the last day the pool was warmer so we played in there for a long time. 

 It's a good thing the hot tub was big.  We all fit in there quite nicely.

 The kids would get in the hot tub, then jump in the pool...

 Then scream because it was way too cold...and run back to the hot tub.  Sadie's hair turned green by the time Christmas came around.  It was very festive.  ha ha

 Riley helped me build this tower...I mean, she helped me knock it down.

 We decided to go back to the field with grandma and grandpa's sled.  We put the kids in their snow clothes this time and they lasted a lot longer.  Rob was awesome and did most of the sled pulling.  I think Luke took a turn too.  The kids loved it. 

 More swinging for William and Riley.

 Then we piled all the kids onto the sled for a fun picture.  Rob and Luke took turns throwing snowballs at each other and Uncle Duncan pushed Riley on the swing for a long time.  Thanks Duncan!

 Someone brought over some homemade suckers and the kids went to town.  Emery got this purple one to match her shirt.

 Riley didn't nap while we were there, but this day she was sitting really still on my lap and sure enough, she was asleep.

We went miniature golfing and I stayed with the kids so these three could actually score their game.  I don't remember who won, but it was fun to watch and Duncan won a free game on the last hole!

 On Christmas Eve, we went back to our hotel room and opened the presents that the elves brought us.  Then we got all tucked in and went to sleep.

 The next morning while we were waiting for the green light to head over to grandma and grandpa's house we decided to act out the nativity with the kids.  William made an excellent baby Jesus.  Zac was Joseph and Sadie was Mary.  Emery was an angel and Riley was a sheep.  I was glad that we were able to do this because it helps the kids (and me) remember the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas.  I'm so grateful that Christ was born and lived on Earth.  I'm glad I get to teach my kids about what an amazing prophet and example he was and still is. 

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