Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bike Parade

 Our neighborhood is great!   They do all kinds of fun little parties/activities for families.  Around the 24th of July they have a neighborhood bike parade for kids.  The kids go to someone's house and decorate their bikes and the next morning they ride their bikes around the neighborhood.  They end up at the Bishop's house where they have a big breakfast for everyone.  It is a fun tradition.  This year I was still in the hospital when the kids were supposed to go decorate their bikes, but thankfully grandma volunteered to bring them so they would be ready for the parade the next morning.  Thanks grandma!!!

 Everyone ready to go for a bike ride!  Emery got to ride in style in her stroller- Thanks to grandma!  They held up the rear.  :)

 Rob and Sadie ready to get started.

 There were quite a few participants.

This is Sadie and her friend London.  Apparently London's bike pedal kept falling off so they had to keep stopping to fix it.   I was watching out our window to wave to the kids when they passed by.  It was fun to see them ride by.

Hooray!  They all made it to the end.  And they ate their yummy breakfast and even brought some home to me!  Hopefully I can be there in person next year!

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