Saturday, July 26, 2014

Riley is here! (warning...long post with lots of pictures!)

 Baby Riley made her debut on July 17 at 5:02 pm.  The story starts about a week before that though...

I started having contractions a week before and they were coming every ten to fifteen minutes for about four days.  I thought for sure I was in labor, but then after those four days, they really slowed down.  So I was really disappointed.  Every time I emptied the dishwasher I thought "this is the last time I am going to have to do this with a huge belly" and then the next day almost in tears I would be emptying the dishwasher again.  Not fun. 

So I went to my doctors appointment on the 17th in the morning.  I was so desperate that I asked him if he would induce me that day.  He said he would try to get me in around 11 am so I was happy about that.  So I went home and got some things ready and waited for the hospital to call and tell me to come in.  I waited and waited and waited.  This whole time I was having contractions but I didn't really think anything of it since I had had so many days of contractions that I figured nothing would happen.  Then I started timing them and they were about 6 minutes apart.  So Rob told me to keep walking and moving and suggested I mow the lawn.  So I mowed the back lawn and then went inside and walked up and down our hall.  The contractions were about 4 minutes apart now so I was hopeful, but I didn't want to stop moving for fear that they would disappear.  It was about 2 by now and the hospital still hadn't called, but we dropped our kids off at some friends houses and were heading in. 

We got there and by the time I was in a room and everything it was 3:30 or so.  Everything happened pretty quickly.  The doctor broke my water to speed things up (although I think they would have happened pretty fast anyway...) and within thirty minutes I was ready to push.  Now, I had prepped Rob for this because I was planning on an unmedicated birth.  I told him that if I was ready to push and they told me not to, that he would be catching the baby because there was no way I was going to wait for the doctor to get there.  So of course, the nurse told me not to push which is pretty much impossible when you don't have an epidural.  Your body just takes over and does it.  ha ha.  Fortunately the doctor got there just in time and was able to take care of everything.  I just remember the doctor saying "wow, that's a big baby!" when she came out and Rob agreeing with him.  She tipped the scales at 10 pounds 9 ounces!  I was shocked!  And I wondered why out of all my babies, this was the one that I decided to have without an epidural!  ha ha  But I survived and Riley is healthy and happy and very very loved.  Now on to some pictures!

 We took this right before we left for the hospital.  Last picture as a family of five!

 Yeah...I guess a ten and a half pound baby could fit in that big belly of mine.  :)  No wonder I was so uncomfortable the last month or so of my pregnancy!

 It was pretty funny because the birth was so intense for both me and Rob because I didn't get the epidural that he was kind of out of it after she was born.  The nurses asked if he wanted to come get a picture of Riley on the scale and he said "sure!" and started walking over there without the camera.  So I told him to get the camera and he took this picture.  Missed it by that much!  ha ha.  He cut off the part that showed the weight!  We laughed about that for a good long while!

 It was funny because when Zac saw her for the first time he was really nervous about her "belly button".  He kept telling us he didn't want to see it.  ha ha

 I love that they took this picture...this must have been in the nursery.  The nurses were so great about everything.  They let me keep her for a good couple of hours before they took her away to clean her and do whatever tests they do.  That was different than the other hospital.  

 We had the best view from our window.  This was the next morning and we just watched the sun rise over the mountains.  The night before I saw the big beautiful moon pop over the mountains.  It was great.  

 THe traditional first daddy diaper change picture.

 Then Rob went home and picked up grandma and the kids so they could come meet their new sister!  Look how big she is in Sadie's arms.  ha ha

 Zac's turn.

 Emery needed some help.  

 I love this picture.  She is showered with love and kisses and hugs all day long!

 Finally grandma got her turn.  

 Then Uncle Luke and Aunt Taylor came by to visit.  We cant wait to meet their little guy who should make an appearance soon!  They are going to be such good parents!

 Us leaving the hospital.  We were so happy we got to leave after only 24 hours!  

Sadie and Zac wasted no time when we got home to love on their new baby sister!


Taylor Kevan said...

Yay! These pictures are great!

Laurel said...

You are incredible, Lindsey!