Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Father son campout

 On the weekend on Rob's birthday, our stake had the annual fathers and sons campout.  Zac was so excited about it.  He remembers last years so he was looking forward to it for a whole year!  ha ha 

 Here they are just as they are about to head out the door.

 I don't know much about these pictures because I wasn't there, but obviously this is a little stream and I'm sure Zac had a blast throwing tons of rocks and sticks into it.  Just look at his face!!

 Don't know what is going on here, but it sure looks like a very fun boy thing to do!

 He found a really cool stick.  Rob said he was the only person in the whole stake to bring firewood.  So once ROb started his fire, everyone came and cooked their dinner on it! I thought that was hilarious!  People were cooking steaks and stuff too...what would they have done if Rob didn't get a fire going? 

 Zac played with friends a lot too.  

 This is such a pretty picture.  Rob said they were the first ones out on the water to go fishing...they still didn't catch anything, but they had a fun time.

All in all Rob said it was a good trip.  They had so much fun.  Now Sadie wants a father daughter campout.  We will see if that happens...I'm sure Rob would love to take her out. 

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