Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swimming Lessons

 I signed the kids up for swimming lessons at the beginning of June.  We signed up at the indoor pool even though I like outdoor pools better. It was a good thing we did because three of the days it was cold (50s and 60s) and rainy.  Anyway, the kids had a blast and I think they actually improved!  ha ha.  Sadie is pretty close...she can swim pretty well, she just needs to work on her kicking and taking breaths.  Zac can almost float on his back by himself.  The annoying thing was that they didn't offer a mommy and tot class at all.  So I had to entertain Emery for the 35 minutes they were in the water.  We weren't allowed in the water at all and because it was an indoor pool it was HOT!  But I brought snacks and my ipad, so she did pretty well. 

 Here is Zac jumping in with his teacher.

 Here is Sadie halfway behind the beam in her class.  She loved her class!

 See Zac?? Isn't he so cute!!!

 Most of the days we walked and rode bikes to the pool.  It is about a mile to get it was good exercise for me to try to keep up with the kids on their bikes while pushing Emery.  Ha ha.  A lot of times we would get there a little early, so we would hang out outside for a while.

This was the last day of lessons.  Sadie got to go down the big water slide twice!  She was so excited!  

Then we went and got snow cones at a stand near our house.  It was a good day up to that on if you would like to have a laugh.

I bought a bumbo seat with a tray for 5 bucks (!) off of a yard sale website.  I was so excited so after we got our snow cones, we loaded up in the car and went to pick it up.  It was in a town called Herriman which is near Rob's work.  I texted them to tell them I was on my way and followed my map on my ipad.  But I just could NOT find the place.   After driving for aobut 40 minutes, I finally called the number to tell them I was lost.  They asked me where I was so I told them the cross roads I was sitting at.  He said "are you in Salt Lake?"  I told him no I was in Herriman because that was the address they gave me.  He laughed and said "OOOOOHHH, ooops.  The bumbo is here in Salt Lake...I don't know why my wife gave you that address!"  I was quite a bit annoyed but said ok and I would email her later to work something out.  I thought it was weird that they would give me the wrong address.  By now, Sadie was in the back seat dancing because she really really really had to go to the bathroom, and Zac and Emery were asleep in their seats.

So I told her we would stop by Rob's work to use the bathroom since we were pretty close.  Well I wasn't sure we were going to make it in time, but we did.  I called Rob to come down and take her into the building to the bathroom because I was going to stay in the car with the sleeping kids.  Right as he and Sadie went in the doors, Emery woke up and started crying that she really had to go to the bathroom.  Oh boy.  Zac was still sleeping.  I ran Emery inside thinking I could just shove her into the family bathroom with Rob and Sadie.  So I went in and tried to open the door.  It was locked.  I yelled "Rob here is Emery!" I heard some kind of grunt.  I waited for the door to open.  It didn't.  So I knocked and said "Rob Emery has to pee!!!" and this whole time she was screaming at the top of her lungs.  "ROB!!"  So I decided to just let her pee her pants and go back outside because Zac was still in the car by himself.  When I turned around to leave, much to my horror, I saw Rob stick his head around the other corner!  ACK!  I quickly gave Emery to him so he could take her to the bathroom and so I could make a run for it before whoever was in the bathroom came out...because I heard the toilet flush in there.  Poor guy...having a screaming toddler at his door while he was trying to do his business.  ha ha.  It was pretty funny.  Not so much at the time, but now it is.  :)

The other funny thing was that the person I was buying the bumbo from WAS actually in Herriman that day at her parent's house, her husband just didn't know it.  So what a waste of time!  She finally dropped it off a few days later.  Sheesh.  What I will do for a good deal! ha ha

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