Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our Garden

Here is a picture of our garden a month or so after we planted it.  Maybe a month and a half...I'm not quite sure.  But I just wanted to document how much it has grown, because it seems to be doing great this year!

This is what Rob is most excited about.  I'm excited too, but if you know his love for artichokes, you'll know what I am talking about.  This is the smaller of the two artichoke plants we have.

This is the larger has four (at least) artichokes growing on it!  So exciting!

These are our cucumbers.  We have already canned some pickles from the cucumbers that we have picked.  Looking forward to many many more!

Here are our sunflowers.  They are getting pretty tall!

Carrots and weeds.  :)

The tomatoes are bigger than the kids!  Crazy.

Here are the pole beans we planted.  They look healthy, we will see if they actually produce any beans.  

Here is Sadie in the corn.  It is getting really tall too...but we will see how much corn we actually get.

Here are our pepper plants.  We have jalapenos and red bell peppers.


Yellow marigolds.  The amazing thing about these yellow ones is that by the time we got them in the ground they were practically dead.  We didn't have much hope for them...but look at them now!  They are so pretty!

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lindsy said...

Nice! Yours is doing great!! Ours has lots and lots of leaves, but no produce yet. Hoping for tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and squash soon.