Monday, August 17, 2015


 This year is the 50th anniversary of Lavell Edwards stadium at BYU.  To count down the days until the first official football game, BYU made a bunch of boxes full of fan gear and they are "dropping" one in every state for people to get.  What they do is they put the box somewhere and tweet a picture of it and wait until someone comes to get it.  Check out their twitter page here.  So my mom found out that while she was in town they were going to drop the Utah box.  As she was watching twitter to see where they were going to drop it, they posted a tweet that said they would be dropping 30 boxes in Utah that day and some of them were going to be competitions to win the box.  For example, they would put a box somewhere and post a picture of it and say "first five people here will compete for the box".  Some of them were puzzles, some were eating competitions, one of them was a race up Y mountain.  Stuff like that.  So the whole day we were keeping our eye on twitter in hopes that in one of the close cities they would put a box that we could try to get.

As we were out running errands, my mom noticed that they had dropped a box in Kearns at the Olympic circle.  I told my mom it was only 15 minutes away and that we should try to get there.  They were waiting for five people to race across the ice to get the box.  We drove over there and I let her out to run inside.  By the time we got there, they were already done with the competition, but she got to be in the picture and got a shirt.  Check it out here.  She is to the right of the kid in the green shirt holding the little girl.  We thought it was awesome that we at least got there in time for her to be in a picture.

Then later that night as we were playing mariokart on our wii my mom said they tweeted that they put a box in west jordan!  I looked at the picture which was this and I recognized it right away.  It was at the park which is minutes away from my house.  Rob ran down the hall and drove my mom over there to get it with no shoes on.  The whole time they were driving over there I was hoping that they would get there first, but I was doubtful.  But then I got a text from my mom saying that she got the box!  Fortunately this box there was no competition involved.  Just the first person there got it!  So fun!  Here are the pictures they took at the park here and here.  It was an exciting evening!  We actually knew the people who showed up second too.  They are our good friends. 

 Here are the kids going through all the stuff that was in the box. 

 Here is everything that was in the box.  Such a fun thing!

Even I got a free shirt out of it.  Thanks mom for sharing your goods! 


Laurel said...

I love this! So stinkin' awesome! ;)

Marissa said...

You guys do such fun stuff!!

lindsy said...

No way! I can't believe you guys got one of the 30 boxes! I just looked and they dropped the Oregon box on Saturday. We probably couldn't have run over to the coast quick enough though. So fun!