Monday, August 17, 2015

Sandy Balloon Festival

 A few Saturdays ago there was a balloon festival in Sandy.  We were going to go on Friday morning, but the weather didn't cooperate so we went on Saturday morning.  I actually slept in a little bit so I got up and got the kids up and dressed and out the door.  My mom was already up and waiting for us.  Rob "sacrificed" and stayed home in bed with Riley because she had a fever.  We found out later she had ear infections...poor girl.  When we got there some balloons were still filling up with air and one had taken off. 

 I love all the bright colors on the balloons.

 There were quite a few people there but there was plenty of room to move around and watch the balloons.

 We noticed there were a lot of helium balloons floating up to the sky so we found out where they were handing them out and grandma took them over to get one. 

 I think the palm tree balloon was my favorite.  I don't know why...probably because it was one of the last ones to take off. 

 Emery decided to wear Riley's sweater.  Just a little bit too small.

 Zac and Sadie thought they were pretty cool.

 Grandma is so fun!  Near the end this balloon landed again in the field and we went really close to it and Zac and Sadie were brave enough to go touch the basket.  It is pretty cool to see how big the balloons really are.  They are huge!  I don't think I ever want to go up in a hot air balloon.  Too scary for me!

 This one finally took off and we all cheered.

Then as we were walking back to the car we saw this view.  It look like it is landing on the roof of the house.  Ha ha.  It wasn't.  It actually landed in a parking lot and then took off again.  It was a fun event and we will probably go again next year!

I also loved this balloon.  The colors are so bright!

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