Friday, August 7, 2015

Trip to Oregon - Monday

 On Monday, I mentioned to Rob that I thought it would be fun to ride some horses.  So Rob said he knew some people with horses and would try to set something up.  Turned out that his old scout leader had some but they weren't able to be ridden at the time, but they had a pony that the kids could ride.  So we brought the kids over and we had a blast riding that little pony around their yard.  Thanks so much to the nice friends who let us use their pony!!

 Here is Rob leading Sadie around the yard.

 Zac with a thumbs up.  Rob thought it would be fun to go a little bit faster at one point and I guess Zac yelled "Dad!" and Rob looked back to see Zac hanging off the side of the saddle.  ha ha.  I guess we will stick to walking for now. 

 Riley practiced standing and playing with my sunglasses.

 Emery was just in heaven when she was riding. 

 They also had a really fun rope swing that Sadie and Zac loved taking turns on.

 And we need to get one of these!  Riley was laughing and giggling the whole time she was in this swing!

 It looks like she is helping him, but Zac figured out how to get on all by himself.  Pretty cool.

 When we got back to grandma and grandpa's house, Emery found this helmet and wore it around for a while.  

And these guys were twins. 

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