Sunday, August 16, 2015

Oregon- Thursday

 Thursday was the day that we all wore our matching shirts that Rob's mom had made for everyone.  Andrew, Crys and Alan are missing from all of the pictures (we missed them!) but they seemed to turn out ok.  We went over to the park and snapped about 100 pictures and then let the kids play with the stomp rockets that Ben and Lindsy brought.  It was so fun. 

 Riley loved their dog Hallie.  We had to watch her close so that she didn't pull her tail too hard.  But Riley loved that dog!

 In the morning before pictures the kids played with these col water beads.  I couldn't stop playing with them either.  They felt really cool.

 We got to the park first and snapped a few pictures with the kids to see how the lighting was.  

 Emery didn't last too long.

 Here are all of the grandkids with grandma and grandpa.  I think they are almost all looking even!

 Sadie is such a good sister.  She is always trying to keep Riley happy.  

 All the boys with their parents.

 Emery on the stomp rocket

 Uncle Luke wanted a turn too, so he had to wait in line with the kids.  Ha ha.

 But he launched it pretty far I think.

Sadie's turn!

 Zac really loved this part.  Rob and some other uncles went out in the field to be targets.  It was fun.

 Grandma and Grandpa.

 Riley eating the grass.  Like usual.

Rob needed to stretch out after the pictures.  

IN the afternoon they all went to play miniature golf and laser tag.  Rob is still telling me about how bad his laser gun was.  Apparently his didn't work very well I guess.  I didn't get to witness it because I was resting at the hotel with Riley who desperately needed a nap.  After that, We celebrated Coralee's birthday with a yummy dinner and yummy cake and ice cream. 

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