Sunday, August 16, 2015

Oregon- Friday

 On Friday we decided to drive out to Wallowa Lake.  All of the kids were calling it "la la la la lake".  When we got there we went straight over to the water and Emery got her skirt all wet.  ha ha. And the water was SO COLD!  But most everyone got in at least to their ankles.  The kids were all swimming in it and trying to catch little minnows in a plastic box someone had.  They caught about ten or so and kept them in a water bottle.  I don't know what ever happened to them...

 Sadie, Hallie and Thea all built this rock castle.  Sadie was done with the water after about 20 minutes.  ha ha

 Hallie and Emery just played here in this spot for a long time.  They built all kinds of things in the mud and rocks.  It was really cute to listen to their conversations.

 William loved being in the water!  I think every time I looked at him he was smiling, unless he was being held out of the water.  Then he was crying.  ha ha

 We decided to rent a couple of paddle boats.  Luke and Taylor watched Riley for us so we could all go out together.  Rob took Zac and Emery.

 And I got to go out with Sadie.

 Sadie helped paddle some of the time.  But mostly it was just me.  And I'm sure Rob didn't have any help on his boat. 

 We had a few races and mostly stayed close together.  Zac and Emery took a turn in the back of their boat and they were trying to splash us.  Then Zac leaned over a little too far...

 And fell in!  That water was so cold!  I felt bad for him.  I was too busy yelling at Rob to bring the boat around to get him that I didn't take a picture of him in the water.  ha ha.  Here he is crying in the front seat.  Poor kid!

 We decided to just go in the paddle boats with our clothes on and not change into our swimming suits because the guy that rented them to us said that it is pretty hard to get really wet in a paddle boat.  Well, Zac fell in, so he got soaked.  And the seats had huge puddles of water on them so we all got soaking wet bums.  Oh well.  They dried off pretty quick.  Here is Rob trying to dry his pants off and Zac trying to dry off in the sun.

 Riley was in heaven with all these rocks to play with.  And as long as she had her pacifier in she didn't try to eat them.  

This was right when we got there.  

The guys built this little rock enclosure to try to lure the minnows in and then catch them.  The only thing they lured in there was William.

After we spent some time at the water, we decided to go on a hike.  Rob and I had made the hike before about nine years ago, so we didn't remember how long it was.  But the kids did great and we made it to the waterfall!

 Taking a little break.

 There were lots of babies on shoulders.  There were a few people that we passed that mentioned we had a big group of kids with us.  ha ha.  And Thea is holding an inch worm on her arm.  It was fun to see it crawl.

 Made it to the waterfall!  It was kind of scary and I was worried the whole time that my kids were going to tumble down those rocks, but it was really pretty.  The kids all made it pretty much by themselves except for the babies.  I was so impressed.  There was hardly any complaining!  

The next day we headed home for Utah.  It was such a great trip but it is always great to be home again.

My sister in law Lindsy wrote about the trip on her blog as well. Here are the links: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday.  Thanks for documenting the trip so well Lindsy!  I think the next family reunion should be in Utah!!!  :)


lindsy said...

I just scrolled through all your posts. Great pictures!! I forgot about Zac falling in!

lindsy said...

Oh yeah ... the little minnows made it all the way back home with us in Wyatt's water bottle. They died one by one. Didn't like the fish flakes we got them. Tragic :/