Thursday, January 9, 2014

Festival of Trees

 Back in December, we decided to take the kids to the Festival of Trees.  It is a pretty fun event, kinda pricey, but 100% of the proceeds go to the children's hospital.  So we felt ok forking over the cash to look at all the gingerbread houses and Christmas trees that people decorated.  Of course, we said no to all of the extras like face painting and balloon animals.  I know..we are so mean.  It was especially fun this time because Sadie's school teacher decorated a tree so we were going to look for that.  The only problem is that there are TONS of trees.  We got through about half of them I think when we found her teacher's tree and then we left.  ha ha. The kids were done by then anyway.  :)

 This was a huge gingerbread house that spun in circles.  The kids loved it.  

 And of course we loved the BYU themed gingerbread house.  :)  Go Cougars!

 The grinch tree.  Pretty neat.  

 Sadie would tell me which trees to take pictures of.  This one is covered in paper oragami ornaments.  

 These guys were sitting near a wasn't until we got up close that we realized they were fake.  ha ha.  

 I think this was Sadie's favorite.  With the penguin and the white tree.  So pretty.

 This one was Sadie's teacher's tree.  And I liked that pink and lime green tree behind it.

We were ready to go home.  I think Rob was holding Zac because he was done walking.  Sadie was a trooper.  It really is amazing how big that building is.  And these pictures don't show it, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE there.  I don't do well it large crowds.  So we headed out.  Maybe we will just take the older kids next year.  :)  Emery always wanted to touch the trees. 

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