Sunday, January 26, 2014


 Zac and I get to have a lot of one on one time these days.  While Sadie is at school and Emery is sleeping it is just me and him.  A lot of the time I will let him pick a movie to watch or play my ipad for "quiet time" but some days it is just fun to let him pick an activity and do it with him.  He is ALWAYS wanting to play board games and card games with whoever will play with him.  Currently his two favorites are UNO and Go Fish.  We play both games multiple times a day.  And it is nice because Sadie almost always wants to play with him too, so sometimes they will just play Go Fish together so I can get the kitchen clean.  :)

Anyway, one day he chose to play with these colorful magnets.  On the back of the container they have some patterns you can follow to make cool designs.  So we sat down and did about four of them.  These take quite a while to do, so by the end I was doing most of the work, but he was a good helper and told me just what to do.

 Here he is with our first pattern.

 Can you find the matching picture on the box?

 Here we are with our next pattern.  

And there is the matching picture.  I love these because they are magnetic and will stay in place! 

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Bethany said...

Carston got the card game "Sleeping Queens" for Christmas and he loves it. It utilizes some math skills and is actually pretty fun to play. Daniel took a little longer to catch on (3.5 yrs), but he's getting the hang of it. So if you're looking for birthday presents in the future, it might be a good one.