Friday, January 10, 2014

Trip to AZ part four- Testing my new camera

 Rob got me a new camera for Christmas!!!!  I was so excited...except that I told him that if he got me a camera to let me open it first thing so I could use it Christmas morning.  Well I opened it very last, so I had to walk around and snap photos after the fact to get a feel for my new camera.  :)

 I told her to give me her biggest smile.  Ha ha.

 Cute Daisy.


 Isaac aka big eyes mgee.

 Getting ready for our traditional egg strata (eggseroneous) Christmas breakfast.  I used to hate this dish when I was younger, but it is sooo yummy!  

 I think everyone else liked it too!

 Zac and Calvin played with their tractors for quite a while that morning.  

 Evan taking his post Christmas frenzy nap.

Emery modeling Calvin's new hat.  ha ha.

Thanks for the new camera!  Now I don't have to apologize for blurry pictures anymore!  Well, I won't be able to blame a crummy camera anymore anyway...

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Carrie Selin said...

You got some great mug shots with that new camera.