Friday, January 10, 2014

Trip to Az part five- FUN

 We did lots of fun things while we were in Arizona.  The best thing was that we didn't have to wear jackets!  It got to the 70s most days.  It was so nice.  So we went to the park a lot and we visited the zoo and we went on a hike and we visited Scott and Stephanie's house and Great Grandma's house....etc.  It was FUN!  I think my kids favorite part was going to the park.  They loved that it had sand.  Not many of our parks here in Utah have sand.  And every time I went to the park with them I couldn't stop digging in the sand myself.  It was addicting.  

 Here is grandpa walking with Calvin and Sadie to the park. 

 One day grandma pulled out a little craft for the kids to do.  I just thought this picture was cute.  

 Here they are with the finished product.  Although it was harder to figure out how to make than the package led it on to be.  ha ha.  

One day we made a trip to the Zoo.  Thanks to my mom for scoring free tickets!  It was pretty cool to see all the animals.  A lot of them were pretty close so we got a good view.  It was a good thing that my mom borrowed a wagon from a friend or else we would have been ready to go home after about 10 minutes probably.  Zac was a trooper and spent most of the day walking.  I was impressed.  The others caught a ride in the wagon or stroller.

 First we saw the elephant.  

 Then we saw the tortoise.  The lady was trying to get him to stand up, but he wasn't having it.  

 Emery and Calvin enjoying a ride from Grandpa in the wagon.

 We stopped to climb on the frog.  The kids loved the playground the best I think.  ha ha.

 Some kind of monkey...maybe a chimp.

 I love that we posed our picture right in front of the vending machines...couldn't we have at least gotten some animals or grass in the background?!!  ha ha.  At least we are all looking right>?

 Sadie spending some one on one time with this monkey.


This was Emery on the way to the car.  She was mostly asleep.

 Grandpa pulled out a lot of pop up books and read them to the kids.  They all loved them.  

 Calvin and Zac building towers.  We miss Calvin...we wish you guys lived closer!

 This was FHE.  We learned about Noah and the Ark with these fun finger puppets my mom made a long time ago.

 We went on a hike.  The kids did much better this time.  We did this same hike the last time we were in AZ which was in August of 2012...and it was like 116 degrees or something.  This time was much more pleasant!  The coolest part was that you could see the new Phoenix temple from the trail.  Pretty awesome.

 The kids loved going to "Billie's house" aka great grandma's house.  She had fun toys and a fun dog to play with!  :)  It was fun for me to go catch up with her too since I haven't seen her in such a long time!  We love you Grandma!  Thanks for letting us come make a mess of your house!

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Carrie Selin said...

We were having so much fun in the sun. Fun in the house. Fun with Billie. We take our fun seriously. Sure are missing all that fun now.