Friday, January 10, 2014

Trip to Az part 2 - gingerbread houses

 Of course we had to make gingerbread houses!  They are always a hit.  There were lots of toppings to choose from (thanks mom!) and my kids had a blast.  I was surprised at how long they decorated them.  Sadie spent the longest on hers, but Zac spent a while on his too.  It was fun!

 Sadie loves being surrounded by sweets!  :)  She taste tested most of them before she put them on her house. 

 All the kids made one...except for Daisy.  Maybe next time! 

 Grandma was the official frosting squeezer.  

 Emery had a lot of help from Dad.  He took this a bit seriously i think...just kidding.  

 Zac was really funny with his house.  Grandpa kept telling him "the best part of making gingerbread houses is getting to snack on the treats while you do it!"  I don't think Zac ate one piece of candy the whole time he decorated his house.  It was weird.  

Emery did do some of the work.

Here is Zac with his finished product.  Nice work!  Emery's is in the background too.  I helped make the fence and the walkway.

This is Sadie's finished house.  Made 100% by her.  I love it!

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Carrie Selin said...

Such sweet pictures! Get it? Sweet? Candies?