Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow...a love/hate relationship

 We love the snow.  It is so pretty.  It makes things quite.  It is fun to play in.  It is fun to shovel.  Yes...I am serious.  I love to shovel the snow.  :)  The kids love to come outside and play in the snow while I am shoveling.  Win-win.  

 Look how happy she is!  

 Zac likes to throw the snow.  He especially likes it when Emery has her hood on because then he can throw snow on her head.  ha ha.  Don't worry.  She laughs about it.  Emery loves to eat the snow.  That is pretty much all she does while we are outside.  

 You can't really tell but the snow on the side of our driveway is almost as tall as Emery.  Thanks to our neighbor who used his snow blower and cleared it off while we weren't around.  :)

 Up to her thighs in snow.  It gets pretty hard to move around when you have such thick clothing on. 

 Sadie taugh Emery how to make a snow angel.  

 She didn't really understand, but she had fun anyway.

 We love the snow!!...

...That is until we fall on our face in it.  Or our hands get wet and cold. Or our nose starts dripping down our face. Etc.

Then we go inside and warm up.  Look at those teary eyes and rosy cheeks.  Playing in the snow always ends in drama.  

And then I am left with a big pile of wet snow clothes and socks and boots and towels.  It is worth it though...usually.  :)

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lindsy said...

I totally agree! Except, we have a rainy wet pile of clothes instead of a snowy wet pile of clothes :)