Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Student of the Month

 Sadie was student of the month for her class in December.  She was so excited!  She constantly reminded me about the upcoming assembly where she would get her reward.   She loves school and was sad that she had 2 whole weeks off for Christmas break.  It helped that we were going to grandma and grandpa's house to keep her mind off of not going to school.  ha ha.

 Super blurry, but can you see her?  So cute!

 Here she is after the assembly.  

All the kids.  Great job Sadie!  I only hope her excitement for learning continues to stay strong as she gets older. 


Doug Selin said...

Congratulations Sadie! You are so smart and talented. Love Grandpa.

Laurel said...

So sweet! Good job, Sadie! Okay, now I'm waiting for a blog entry about your two week vacation. :)