Friday, January 10, 2014

Trip to AZ part three- Christmas Eve and Christmas day

On Christmas Eve, we acted out the Nativity with the kids.  That's always fun.  I remember doing it with my cousins when I was younger and I was always a sheep or the angel...In my memory anyway.  It is a fun way to really remember the true reason we are celebrating Christmas.  I really enjoyed it this year because I think that my kids and Calvin and Daisy are absolutely adorable!  Calvin was Joseph, Sadie was Mary, Evan was a donkey:

 And I loved how Calvin pulled the donkey by his ear the whole time.  :)

 Scott and Zac were 2 of the Wise men.  We only had time we will have three so it doesn't confuse people.  Ha ha. And Emery liked hanging out with the wise men. She was an angel though.

 And she kept this on the whole evening.  It was pretty cute.

 Stephanie, Shanna, Daisy and Emery were all angels.

 The end.  I think Isaac and I were shepherds.  I don't quite remember what Isaac was...

Then we opened the presents on the Elf chart and called it a night for the kids.  We put them to bed and then got things ready for Christmas morning. The kids loved their gifts- thanks to everyone that got them something.  Here are a few of their favorites:

 Emery and Sadie got matching baby dolls.  Zac got a new blanket to replace his old favorite blanket.  I was worried that he wouldn't want to get rid of his other blanket but he really likes this one and he won't even sleep with the other one on his bed.  Score!

 Checking out their stockings.  They all got new jammies on Christmas eve too.

 Santa brought Sadie a jack in the box just like she wanted.  It was a big hit.  And it still is...all the kids that have come to our house since we have been home have loved it!

I don't really know what is going on in this picture.  Grandpa was the man with the scissors so he is probably helping one of them open something.  

It was a lot of fun spending Christmas morning with my whole family.  Reminds me of the good ole' days. 


Carrie Selin said...

The Nativity walk-through turned out really good. I didn't think it would work so well with our mix of kids but they did great!

Shirl and Bill said...

Where Have I Been.!!! Forgot to check on all these darling photos and projects. Loved all the pictures....